Parents Are Responsible For Helping Keep Their Children From Becoming Obese

There was a recent article that just came out from the Health Day News that suggested parents play a major role in whether or not their young kids are thin or are overweight. The article had to do with the way mothers fed their babies in the first few months of their life. The study indicated that many women would overfeed their babies in an attempt to keep them from crying.

Additionally, the study suggested that many women simply were not picking up the queues that their babies were providing to indicate they were satiated from being fed. Some of the indications that women were missing these cues came from the fact that they often fed their baby while watching television and not during a one-on-one concentrated effort with their child.

The article hypothesized that women would become distracted because they were paying more attention to the TV show than they were to the cues from their child that he or she had had enough to eat. They found that children who were overweight early in their childhood development often went on to become overweight as teens and obese as adults.

In addition, the article suggested that women who gained more than 25-30 pounds during their pregnancy had a much higher risk for their child being overweight by the age of three. This information was gleaned from reports in the respected Maternal And Child Health Journal. It is been reported that in the United States today infants from birth to six months of age have a 59% higher likelihood of being overweight than babies who were born 20 years ago.

In totality these findings suggest that the home environment is critically important in whether or not a child grows up to become an obese adult. Parents must become educated that they have a direct role in feeding their children in healthy ways so that they can remain thin and not have to deal with the extreme problems that come later in life with the body that is overweight or obese.

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